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Monday, July 13, 2015

Busy season often means less time to think, and even less time to write.

It's like I forgot I had this blog.

Like last year, May and June were devoid of any sort of writing/blogging.  My busy season is essentially April through August.  During this time, it's a whirlwind of cycling, work and  personal development. There is very little idle time to let my thoughts congeal into a cohesive blog post worth reading.

Back in my racing days, it was pretty easy to fill up a summer's worth of blog posts when you have an opportunity to 'test yourself' every two weeks on the race course. When you're not racing, it's a bit tougher to scrape together material.

buuuuut.....on that note I have been racing again.. just the weekly 'World Series Championships' at Albion. It's been extremely enjoyable this time around. Previously I had steep goals to perform as best as I could, and anything less meant disappointment.  Now it's a far more amiable get out and rip for a hour and see how you do.  Fitness wise, I'm nowhere near where I was in 2009, but who the hell cares. I'm not stressed, I eat what I want, and I enjoy it.

I have my annual trip out west this Friday. I'll be gone for a month working our 2016 product launch and then Crankworx. This is always a Work-cation.  I'll get to see all my Ontario ex-pat friends, I'll be in the heart of the industry I love and I'll be in beautiful BC.

In the past I've always traveled with a friend. This made it an adventure of sorts, as it channeled the extroverted side of me.  With a good buddy as my co pilot, there were many  adventures. Checking out new sights, new experiences and meeting new people. The directive of the trip changes when there are two people.

This year I'm driving alone. Partially by choice. I'm selfishly curious how that will change the trip. I'm sure there will be some incredibly boring stretches, but I'm also sure that being left alone with your thoughts for extended periods will tap into those introverted streaks I've been  experiencing since my trip down in the US of A. I am legitimately curious to see how I handle that. I have a hunch that 2016 will be a year of some big changes, and this trip will give me the opportunity to mentally focus on this.

With close to 50 hours of driving, I'll be stocking up on plenty of NPR podcasts. I'm about halfway through the 560 episode backlog of This American Life. This will be a good chance to put a good dent on the remaining episodes.  I'll also burn through some Vonnegut audiobooks. I've never actually read anything by Vonnegut... so no better time than now, so it goes...

I couldn't think of any images to break up this wall of text, so here;s a classic house track i recently rediscovered.

For photo updates on my trip, follow me on instagram @deejayfeelgood.



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