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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Less Netflix, More Life.

Last post I mentioned that it was time to inject some organization into my life. This post is a look back at that.

The most difficult thing so far has been sleeping, and getting up early. I managed to wake up at 6:45 for three days in a row before I slipped back into  a series of 8am-9am wake up times.  The biggest problem here is that I haven't been able to get to bed early enough. I hit 6.45am with far too little sleep. My night time routine needs work.

My typical night ends with my computer, internet'ing, netflix'ing and that usual stuff. More often than not, something will grab my attention and suddenly my 12am goal of  being fast asleep is a 2:03am "one more episode" House of Cards marathon.  It isn't a novel idea that the glare of computer screens keep you up. I think I'll have to replace Netflix with reading.

Tangent/Rant.... Netflix, and the over availability of TV is legitimately bothering me. I read this article which got me thinking.  These days, you can't help but go to a friends place and have them mention some show that you MUST watch.  It's gotten to the point where my list of recommendations exceeds the amount of time I'd ever want to commit to TV. Furthermore it's become such a default topic to discuss. I feel it's so uninspiring to talk about the latest TV show, it's 'dead' conversation that achieves nothing. When I converse with people I want to know about them personally, not about what happened in some show that has zero impact in our relationship. I won't claim to be in an ivory tower here. I've fallen victim to  it as well (you HAVE to watch History channel's Vikings  :p )   I suppose what I'm trying to say is perhaps we should be more aware  of how this new found media accessibility impacts how we interact with one another.

When you have a conversation that is on life support, it's incredibly easy to bring up a TV show and discuss your opinions on it.  Like a quick injection of adrenaline, it brings up a slew of short lived  topics to discussed, most of which don't get very far.  Also like, adrenaline, it fades quickly leaving you in the same place. I personally want to make it a goal NOT to discuss TV/Movies. It'll be tough, especially given winter. I suppose that's just making excuses though.

With spring around the corner, I want to get my Netflix'ing out of the way. road trips, socializing, and new experiences are far more exciting than any episode of  Homeland could ever be. There's a time an place for TV, but like anything, a bit of self control has it's benefits.

Back on topic- I will try reading instead of watching TV before bed. Or maybe journal writing, or something that doesn't emit light from a screen.

In other news, I made this a couple days ago. My last few sets have been live recordings. Usually with my live sets, There's a bit of preference bending to cater to the events theme or sound.  I played a DnB/Jungle party in October, so naturally played to that sound. Then we threw a techno party for Halloween.  For that party, I opened for our hard hitting techno headliner.. so naturally my sound lent itself to that.  This latest set was recorded at home, all progressive, no catering to crowds. Feels good to crank out something fully within my preferences.


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