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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tucson, AZ

I've been based in Tucson, Arizona for the last week. It's a sun scorched city in the absolute Southwest of the US of A. A mixture of military town, border town and college town, it has a very unique demographic.  I've been staying with my good friend and newly domestic pro racer, Anton.  We're in a sleepy bungalow on the south of town, in a slightly less affluent area. It's not fancy, but it's perfect for a cyclist training camp. Also, there's a grapefruit tree in the backyard. Too bad I have no idea what to do with grapefruits.

Save for a bit of exhaustion and brief sickness from being full throttle on the road, it's been nice. I've put in some good rides in the gorgeous weather here. It's been about 20-25 degrees consistently. I did my first Tucson Shootout- a rite of passage for Tucson cyclists. It's a weekly ride that's well attended by many pro cyclists down in Tucson for training. It felt good to rub shoulders with the pros.

I also got out for a few mountain bike rides. The trails here are surreal. Much different from the fast clay, rooty stuff we have back home. First of all the trails are all loose, dry and rocky.  Secondly, they are lined with prickly pear and saguaro cactuses.  The consequences for pushing a line too wide or cutting an apex too early are severe! Despite these hazards, ripping through the desert alone instills a very free and liberating feeling.

I've touched in my previous post how throughout this journey I've met many different people from all walks of life and often a connection is made just in time for us to to go our separate ways. In Tucson it was no different. I had the fortune of meeting and absolutely phenomenal person who I felt we connected on so many levels. It felt as if  we'd known each other for years, and was the type of person that would slip seamlessly into your life back home. Infinitely interesting, talented and a unique individual, it was one of those people that you know are one in a million. Yet, I'm on the move again in a few days and left wondering if it's worth forming all these transient connections, knowing full well that they can't last. I suppose it's all about enjoying the moment. #wanderlustproblems.

Thursday morning I start the journey north. Sedona is on the radar. Gorgeous, beautiful Sedona.  I'll have a chance to do some reading and figure out some things there. Not that I haven't figured out enough already.  

til next time.


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