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Saturday, January 31, 2015


I had a whole post written up  about my experience from Tucson and beyond.. but it was really just an elaborate list of all the things I did in chronological order. If you're curious about it, it's documented  visually on my instagram

Below is the full journey I embarked on over the last four weeks. 8000km, Complete with road work markers courtesy of google maps....

There's a huge amount withdrawal I'm going through right now.  This trip was the first of it's kind for me, and in a lot of ways it was mentally liberating. I realized that I can be content without having a home base, and I became incredibly comfortable making on the cuff decisions and thinking on my feet.  Almost nothing on this trip was planned. I woke up every morning with absolutely zero idea as to what I'd be doing and where I'd be going that day. My morning would entail a big breakfast, working for a few hours and then planning my next destination or ride over many cups of coffee  I absolutely loved it.

Despite my extroversion and love of social interaction. I've realized I prefer traveling alone. I get a euphoric thrill out of being entirely self sufficient.

Moab, Utah
 I set out on this trip to figure out some things. I realized I can't find myself in a place where I am locked down. I don't think I'll ever have it in me to work a 9-5 deskjob. Which leads to the next question... how do I enable myself to live an entirely remote, or at least a partially remote work life.

I was entertaining grad school before the trip, but after this, I realized I don't think nor do I want to be committed to one place and field of study for an extended period of time. Academia is for a certain mindset. A mindset that I don't possess..at least right now.

Somewhere in Arizona. 

I arrived in Guelph yesterday at 1pm after a heinous 8 hour drive where I left at 3am that morning. I grabbed a much needed nap, and the moment I woke up, I realized that I knew exactly what I'd be doing for the next 24 hours..and that created an empty feeling that made me uncomfortable. I was back to a schedule and my regular day to day. Even typing this, I'm at my usual coffee shop and can't help but feel a little dead and longing to be back out there.

I spoke briefly to my mom who was happy to have her son back in Canada. She said "It's good you got that out of your system" ,  Little does she know that, this just opened Pandora's box and is only the start of more adventures like this. Or so I hope.

I left 4 weeks ago looking for answers but only came back with more questions. I've met some incredible people along the way and have seen some astonishing places.  If there's one thing I have learned though, it's not to lead a life of complacency and settle.  Jobs and money will always exist. Your ability to go out and explore your surroundings may not.

I went out looking for answers but only came back with more questions. C'est la vie..


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