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Friday, April 25, 2014

No rest for the wicked

So here's my new blog. I had to relearn a ton of CSS/HTML/Java stuff to figure out how to modify this template to my liking.  It's good for the time being, but I have a much prettier one I'm working on that I'll put out when its perfected. At least now my blog doesn't look generic.  Ill register that Aaron domain name sometime soon, and ditch that mtb forum alias.

The last few weeks have been absolutely insane for me on a work and personal level. Work, tying up loose ends, and shifting focus on long term plans for 2014 has ensured that my days and nights have been filled to the max with  shit that needs to get done. Apprehensions of what lay ahead plus too much caffeine has led to some sleepless nights. Eternally lost in an existential battle, I'm finally starting to figure out what I want out of the next few years...I think. It's time to start making moves.  More on that to follow.
My beloved french press

Now that spring is in full force, I'm back aboard with Giant Canada. Feels good man.  As much as I love the problem solving aspect as a systems consultant, the subject material doesn't particularly interest me, not to mention, sitting at a desk for eight hours is a bit much for my quasi -ADD personality. Fortunately the gang I work with is super cool and down to earth.

My job with Giant entails a ton of travel and interacting with all our dealers in Central Canada. Every day is different, and every dealer is different. I like variety so this works well. At the end of the day I'm playing with bikes and talking with other people who like bikes.  You can probably see why I enjoy this job.

Training has been steady. I'm definitely quicker than last year, but still need work. My top end power has increased nicely over the last few weeks, and I'm approaching race shape.  On my last hard mtb ride, my HR got up there.. good to see as I've noticed that when im out of shape, I struggle to get my HR up.

I've started doing some hill climbs and  really punchy torquey stuff thats' required for mountain biking. While these efforts suck at the time, there's a masochistic satisfaction that comes afterwords.  Gains are coming together nicely, and I'm looking forward to doing some of the weekly races this summer, time/work permitting.

First MTB ride of the year!!

Anyways, thats all for now.. more to follow soon


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