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Monday, March 31, 2014

It's going to be a good year.

Finally, spring.

Yesterday, a bunch of us spandex clad misfits united  to vehemently stick it to the relentless winter we've had.  The forecasted six degrees has us giddy like a kid on Christmas morning. The route was a typical early season jaunt. 80-100k of rollers and flats. Absent were the defining escarpment climbs that usually pepper our rides. 

I was curious to see how I'd do. I knew the pace wouldn't be a problem, but I was more worried how my legs would be after three hours of riding. While training this past winter has been diligent and intense, the workouts have also been shorter. My longest ride since  November 15th hadn't been longer than 1h45.  

Compared to my last serious outdoor ride, I was 12lbs lighter, with an improved functional threshold, and there were some subtle hints that my anaerobic race engine was coming into form.

The ride was enjoyable. You don't realize how much you miss warm weather until days like yesterday. For those three hours I put my life stresses off to the side, turned my mind off and just focused on keeping the pedals going.

The weight loss was noticeable. Hills were non eventful. I kept my HR below threshold for the entire ride, save for an end of the ride charge on Watson road.  By the 90k mark I felt awesome. My legs were fresh and aside from feeling a little hungry, I felt confident. I'm definitely not behind the 8-ball like in previous years. 

I've recently been juggling some racing ambitions that would require a next level commitment, but would make for a lifetime opportunity. This year is my year to make moves, and align myself in a way that would allow me to accomplish these goals.  It's interesting,  my mindset is far more mature this time, and I see much more potential in myself  than in previous years.

We'll see what the next few months holds in store, and I'll see if this inspiration was a flash in the pan, or something a little more than that.


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