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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Getting in touch with reality.

The last few months have been a hard exercise in learning the advantages of saving money.  For most of the year I work in the cycling industry as the Central Canada Demo/Brand rep for Giant Bicycles Canada.   However,  cycling in Canada is generally an 8 month affair, so work slows down to a halt in the winter. While I'm gunning to make my position a full time one in the future, it doesn't change the fact that I am unemployed right now. If I had a bit of coin saved up I could have just weathered these four months and laid low.

I have done a slew of temp jobs so far. I did some picking/packing for a week. Probably one of the most uninspiring jobs I have ever done my entire life.  Pick something from box A,  put it in box B. Now do this for 8 hours... for $10.50 an hour.

I did some factory work for $12 an hour for a week, however, the noxious fumes at this factory scared the shit out of me. 8 hours of being exposed to solvent fumes cannot be good for my fitness aspirations, or living a long life aspirations for that matter. These jobs tend to attract ex cons,  people fresh out of rehab and me, the temp.  The job is not mentally stimulating with lots of idle mind time. "Idle hands are the devil's playthings" is something that comes to mind in this situation. Due to the monotony of the job,  many people create their own excitement. Idle gossip is rampant, drama is escalated where ever possible. Put a couple hot heads in the mix and its fisticuff time.

In a lot of ways, this experience has been eye opening. I've had a very fortunate life and I've always had jobs that I've chosen and have paid well relative to my experience.  This is my first exposure to the lower ranks of the working class. There are many people who work at these places who put in 50 hour weeks, who have done this for the past number of years and will continue until the day they retire.  Aspirations to 'travel Europe'  ,  'Spend a year in Australia'  or even 'Go to Florida'  are  not options they will ever have.  These people work hard,  take their jobs seriously and most are capable of doing something that pays more and affords them some free time.  However, when you're a single parent who works 10 hours a day, and then has to cook dinner for your kids on top of the other parental duties, it doesn't leave much time to look for jobs or education opportunities.

I'm so incredibly grateful for my upbringing and the hand of cards I was dealt. I'm 27, educated, with a solid resume. The next three months will go by quickly and I'll be back doing something I love.

Music wise, I've been busy assembling my set for this weekends event.  It's been awhile since I've done an opening set, so Ill have a keen eye on keeping the energy level smooth and consistent for Mike Gibbs to take over.  The set will be recorded so Ill have that for you next week to download and share with all your friends :)

Really digging this right now. Cue it up in the background at work, in the car...

In terms of training, I've had a great week.  I've gotten over the initial fatigue slump that comes when you first start introducing intensity.  My heart rate is responding incredibly well, and the threshold intervals don't hurt as much as they used to.  The weight is coming off quickly, and things are looking like roses for the spring.

thats all for now


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