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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Its been over 800 days since I last posted here.  Since I've now alienated my 13 or so followers, time to start up from the beginning.  Eventually I plan to merge this with a personal website that I'm working on, that will desperately need content. This post is the start of said content

I turn 28 this year.  A long way from the fresh university grad I was during the last time I posted. I'm what people call an adult- not a new adult, but right in the middle of that bell curve type of adult.  I have more in common with my dad than I do with a first year university student.  Although, I do try to keep an ear to the ground as to what the kids are saying these days. After all,  you only have one chance to live: YOHOCTL!  or something along those lines. (See, I learned that off one of my younger friends)

I decided to start this blog up again because it brings forth sort of a forced self reflection. (Like a journal, but far more marketable and terrific for resumes *sparkly smile*). It's also part of my long term plan to write for Vice Guide.  Anyways- forced reflection in a public forum brings forth accountability- and therefore results.

So it begins...

To get you up to speed as to where my life is right now. I resigned from the software company I was working for  last April. The job was great, the people were great, the pay was great... but... 9-5 staring at a computer screen dealing with material you have zero interest in doesn't bode well for your sanity.

So after looking at various options, I stumbled upon a position that opened at Giant Bicycles Canada. They were looking for someone to take care of their demo program for central Canada.  I jumped on the opportunity, and with a couple of great recommendations from my pals at Cyclepath Oakville and ten years of shop experience under my belt, the job was mine.

Talk about a fun job.  Essentially I travel all over Canada, and set up demo rides and product demo's for dealers and consumers. I've spoken with virtually every Giant dealer in Canada and have been fortunate to see the wide variety of bike shop styles that exist. I've also ridden in every province except for the east coast provinces.  The hard part of the job is how busy it can be.  When its busy, It's ungodly busy.  If you get a muddy or rainy demo, it can be  absolutely abysmal. Then there's the maintenance. After a muddy demo, having to wash and tune 15 bikes can get a bit tedious.  However,  when a 'bad day' entails hanging out with other bike fanatics- you have to realize, it could be worse...alot worse.

                                                  (somewhere in Saskatchewan)

The job is a contract job,  so while I am signed on for next year,  I am currently unemployed and doing every odd job under the sun to get some cash flow. Right now im thankful for a  bag of yukon gold potatoes that were on sale  and half price mini burgers from a bar in town called NV Lounge

I was supposed to be in Australia right now, but I got slammed with unexpected expenses and wasn't fiscally prudent enough, so I have four months of polar vortex to teach me my lesson. In the words of my Polish landlord.  "yeah, you fucked that one up pretty good".  Maybe next year...


I've started to tangibly understand what 'aging' is. They symptoms are subtle, but they're there. As such, I've decided to make a push to be fitter than I've ever been. I don't have any plans to race and attempt to conquer the Ontario Cups and Canada Cups like I did  five years ago. However, I want to be much faster than I was back then.  I have the advantage of experience this time around which should transfer over to a much more pragmatic approach to my training. I'm a little older, wiser, and less cocky...hopefully.

I've dusted off  'the trinity' and have reacquainted myself with all those training buzzwords.. intervals, recovery,  bla bla bla

At this point, I'm three weeks into my 16 week plan,  and just getting into the harder threshold stuff. It feels good to have structure and a goal to chase. The weight is melting off quickly and im pretty impressed with how my body has responded.


I'm still DJ'ing as much as I can... but the trade of DJ'ing has gone to the dogs. Pretty much every kid born in the 90's is a 'DJ' these days. I'm hopeful my now 10 years of experience separates me from the sea of mediocrity that is out there. I've capped out my hometown of Guelph Ontario. I've held my residency at NV lounge for four years now.. and  I'm starting to think its time to move on. I need to get in with an established underground promotion crew that supports my sound.

This blog going forward...

This time around, this blog will be about my personal experiences from life, my job, and some training metrics.

My job is always on the road and makes for great content.  You'll read lots of cool things about me riding all over Canada, plus  I'll tell you about all the cool shops I'll be visiting, the local beers to try, the places to ride etc.

Right now the focus is getting fit and fast for the spring. Gonna be a group ride assassin, Uber-KOM Strava master.  Don't care what you think about the latter. I like my internet points.



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