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Thursday, January 23, 2014

"back in my day we wore shorts in winter, and went swimming..."

This has been the coldest winter as far back as I can remember. Not even uncomfortable cold, but stiflingly dangerously cold.  I cannot wait for spring...

I've recently picked up my guitar again after a pretty long hiatus. It was this track that spurred me to do so:

I used to be a die hard Smashing Pumpkins fan in junior high/highschool. The emotional angst'y twang of Billy Corgan's voice paired with the minor chord progressions just set the tone for the roller coaster that is being a teenager. This particular track is one of the most underrated tracks in their discography.. im pretty surprised it didn't chart at the time.

I've got Bon Iver's  Skinny Love next up on deck. Another hauntingly emotional track that just sticks with you.  Cold frigid nights bundled at home, while playing guitar is one of the few things I enjoy doing alone.  9 times out of 10 I'd rather be with friends hanging out... but for some reason, I've really been taking solace in these solo jam sessions lately.

Last weeks event was a thrilling success. It was a packed party, and a packed after party that went to 8am. I had the fortune of going b2b on the decks with Mike Gibbs at the after party- which was one of my favorite moments ever I think.  I gotta see if I can grab the set off my buddy and upload it for you guys.


Training is going awesome. I weighed in at a cool 162lbs today. The lightest I've been in three years. The threshold workouts continue and my legs seem to be adapting nicely. However, I did notice something that I am a little unsure about.  My threshold HR sits at about 185 or so.. which historically has been pretty normal. However,  If I push it as hard as I can, I struggle to get my HR much higher than 192. This is interesting since my previous MHR was 203... Ill have to do some more reading and figure out where the big drop came from. I speculate that its from the lack of VO2 work in the past few years...

Anyways.. bed time is calling.



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