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Monday, May 2, 2011


Its May 2nd, and I have yet to race.

This is the first time in 10 years that I havent logged in a race by May.

The first Ontario Cup of the season was yesterday. My bike was dialed, Ive been putting out reasonable power figures, and the cost of the race was a non-issue,but I was nowhere near the start line.

Instead I spent all of Saturday moving into what will hopefully be my home for the next two years. Its an apartment right in downtown Guelph on the 12th floor. The balcony overlooks the entire downtown region, and off in the distance you can see the escarpment as well as farmer fields. The perfect blend of city and country. Ill bolster this post up with some pictures later.

I was hoping to make it out to Mansfield Saturday, if only to log in some race pace miles on an MTB course. However, as the hours ticked by, the scope of the amount of moving I would have to do became apparent. Combined with a late night DJ'ing til 4am on Friday, by Saturday evening I was exhausted, and still had a ton of work to do.

Sunday was spent navigating Ikea for bedroom furniture.

That place is insane. The last time I was there was 6 years ago when I needed a bed. I walked in, got the cheapest one and then peaced out. Coincidentally, the last time i bought sheets was that same weekend. Ikea is an entity all on its own. I wish they would give conventional names to the furniture- or at least translate it. I had no clue that when I wanted a dresser, what I really wanted was a 'Malm' and the lamp I bought was named 'Mogli' or something. The organizer I needed was named like something out of Star Trek along the lines of 'Khalroth' or 'Borgwynd'

My new roomate is very artistically inclined, so while I was ready to settle for the bare minimum requirement for bedroom living, she filled my mind with grandiose ideas of some trendy flashy looking room out of a Manhattan bachelor pad.I've already got my eyes set on a 400$ coffee machine- although those who know me well, know that A.Rahim doesn't take his coffee drinking lightly.


This week it looks like my training will have to come from my commutes. The weather is supposed to be adequate Tuesday through Friday (for a change), so It should be a good opportunity to get some proper miles in. Easy endurance pace into work, and high end zone specific workouts on the commute back.

The main goal is weight loss. My power is good for this time of the year, my endurance has recovered nicely due to logging in lots of slow steady km in the last month, but the weight is not so good. This month will be about eating healthy, lots of miles, and hopefully some significant weight loss. The goal is to weigh in at 160 by Woodnewton. I do not feel that I have a shot at cracking 150 this year, as Ive packed on some upper body muscle weight over the last four months from a diligent schedule of doing 30 pull ups almost every day as well as 3 days a week of core based workouts. Getting down to 155 is a reasonable expectation.

This year is going to be a constant battle with balancing priorities. With my DJ'ing taking off lately, full time jobs and trying not to be back of the pack rabble in Elite , its tough.


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