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Monday, May 23, 2011

I swear I still ride.

Actually I ride alot. Maybe not race so much, but definitely ride.

The last few weeks have been chock full of riding. Remember that one dry week we had? Definitely got out then. It was good.

Look! Proof!

I have been improving, Ive hit new personal bests in all my CP's and really have no reason not to race. Well thats assuming you don't consider apathy to be a reason.

While my initial concerns with getting a full time job were that I wouldnt have time to train, Ive since realized that the hardest part is giving up free time. I get two days off a week where I can relax, have a few beers with friends, play deadspace 2, spin tunes.. yada yada yada. Giving up my Saturday evening for race prep, and then spending all Sunday driving to a race, racing and then coming home exhausted only to have to commute to work in 12 hours seems like an epic waste of time. Its far easier to ride out to Rattlesnake do some hill repeats, ride back and feel like youve accomplished the same thing.

Also, ive re-learned how to ride off a hangover. Some of my hardest rides this year have been after a long night on the town, or after a DJ Gig. In full honesty, i dont think drinking takes that much of a toll on your body's absolute performance. Just throw back a ton of water, get your electrolytes in, and you're laughing. Also, bacon isnt that bad for you. Just ride more to offset it.

Ive mentioned this before. My current stance on racing, is well, I could train my ass off go to sleep early, eat bee pollen and shit like that and find myself top 10 in Ontario. But so what. Who cares?

While the general demeanour of this blog post hints at the unraveling of the racer psyche that defined me the past decade I can assure you the killer instinct is still there...somewhere.

I can 100% say that I might race the Hardwood Hills Canada Cup.

Also, next blog post: The Aaron Performance Program. Ill give you some quasi pro tips on how to get fast, improve your health, avoid going paleo all while still not giving a rats ass. Sounds sketchy? Its not. Since ive started making money, eating worse, playing more video games, ive actually gotten faster on the bike. Go figure. I will enlighten you sometime this week when I feel like posting.


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