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Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh yeaah.... I forgot how racing felt.

Today I had the first of many VO2 workouts to come.

Up until now my workouts have been Endurance, Tempo and Threshold based. Generally these workouts are tolerable. The only difficult part of an endurance workout, is the time which it takes. Sitting on a trainer for longer than an hour and a half is terribly difficult for me. Even with this battle station to keep me occupied.

Tempo workouts are boring because they are not hard enough to derive the masochistic satisfaction that comes with training, and they're not easy enough to completely focus on a movie.. especially when you've got your eyes fixed on a powertap.

Threshold workouts I enjoy. They are hard and mentally stimulating with the right tunes. You also feel satisfied afterwards. Your legs are sore, you're tired and you feel like you'v made gains of some sort.

Then there are VO2 intervals...

Through the course of winter, my mind is filled with these dreams and visions of ascending the big hills at Tremblant, Albion or Kelso and reeling in the competition as their insufficiencies reveal themselves. For some reason, the short few months off of racing make me forget how much is ACTUALLY hurts to put yourself in the redzone.

So on paper when i script out what I will be doing for the next few months, it looks good. Some threshold here, a smattering of VO2 intervals, some more zone 6 here, a little more vo2 here...and well ill be damned. I just have to follow this and Ill be kicking your ass.

So today I had my first VO2 workout.

15 minute warm up, some new tunes to listen to... good times.

Interval 1 of 6.

It hurts a little, but I got this... no bigs no bigs..

Rest interval

hmm.. thought that rest interval was gonna feel long..it certainly didnt...my legs arent too fresh going into this one.

Then interval 2 of 6

Phew.. couldnt come soon enough..

Rest interval.

Interval 3 of 6

Rest interval...
Why the hell do I do this? Look at me.. im an idiot wearing bib shorts on a trainer in my room. Who in their right mind puts them self through this?? Who gets into a sport where you wear spandex all the time?

Interval 4 of 6

Rest interval... (Barely notice it)


rest. inter. val.


Thats more or less how the workout went. I forgot what race efforts feel like...

So thats VO2 training for those who do not know.

In other news. My VO2/LT test has been rescheduled for thursday...so Ill be staying away from intensity until then.


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