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Monday, February 14, 2011

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine.

I could have made the blog title "Ramping it up" or "Threshold workouts" but if then you wouldnt be interested.

According to analytics.. at least some of you are interested and unless Bayden, Anton, Josh or Erica are constantly refreshing, on different computers or know how to mess around with dynamic IP's then I think im doing aight. yes. aight.

(For those of you who are bored already, here is blog post lite, the summary.

Im fast, fat and hate commitment)


So pigs it is.

Its analogous to my current state. Im actually faster than I was last year at this time. As of now Ive had access to a powertap for a full year, so I can compare data. Its sweet. In all CP's I am 10-15 watts above where I was last year. Despite the mentality that Im still recovering from that burnout way back when, I guess im doing 'aight. Yea. Aight.

Despite this, im carrying a healthy ballast of lipidous mass, courtesy of corporate lunches at Chotchkies, and Wednesday Wing and Pint Bonanza's. I should probably fix this soon... im sitting at 162 right now... I should be around 150 mid race season.. so its time to trim the fat.
Less beer, and more packing lunches.

On another note, theres a race this weekend down in Port Colborne.. the Frostbike. I can absolutely positively say that I might do it. I hate snow, I hate riding on ice, I hate long drives to the nether regions of Ontario. However, im bored.. and a little high intensity might be fun. I could stop off at the Falls on the way back too and ... I dunno... take pictures or hang out with honeymooners..

We'll see.


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