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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally some improvement!

Training the last couple weeks has gone well. Ive been consistent and Ive noticed my numbers have improved significantly. The rusty veil over my fitness has finally been purged. Its hard to compare from last year since I didnt get my powertap until March, but I feel as if I am a little ahead of where I was last January.
I am just about ready to crank it up and bring in the Threshold/VO2 work.

A workout I did last weekend revealed my cardiac drift over 2hrs is non existent. Good sign.

I performed an LT workout last Friday using some estimated numbers. Essentially it was an 8min on 4 minute off type of interval workout.

I felt that my LT must have rebounded somewhat, since holding 240-250 watts was significantly easier than a month ago.

My interval goal was to hold 260-280watts (estimated numbers), and then down to endurance pace.

I did 5 intervals. these were the avg wattages. The last interval had me in some serious pain.


I feel I could have moderated my power a bit better.. a few times I would glance down at the computer to see my numbers in the 280-295 range.

I will perform a baseline test sometime before the weekend to reestablish my numbers as i feel my last test is already significantly out of date.

My last test had my estimated LT at 230watts..(following the test procedure outlined in Racing and training with a powermeter) I feel that I could pull off at least 250 this time around. Which would be a modest improvement, but pretty impressive given that I havent done any LT training up until this point.

My weight is at 158lbs right now. A little lighter than when my fitness was in the ditch back in December. With my new ample budget to support a much healthier diet and some steady riding, the weight should melt off quickly.


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