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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prognosis: Negative

For the last 5 days I have been battling the worst flu I have had in years... the last time I was this sick was probably during the old Bronchitis scare of '01 where I was bed ridden for 4 days.

I've slept maybe 10 hours in the last three days due to brutal shoulder pain that has ensured that I cannot find a comfortable position. My appetite has been non-existant, and Ive had no energy whatsoever.

This has put a major setback on my training.. as I had just gotten into the rhythm of training every day. Symptoms are prettiy typical, although the magnitude is pretty atypical. I havent had clear breathing passages in 5 days, I havent been able to talk very much for 5 days due to the rampant sore throat.

Its bad.

Tomorrow is the day where I call it.... If I feel bad tomorrow, its time to go to the doc and get some amoxicillin, or cloxicillin... or something.


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