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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Job, New Direction, New Challenges..

Since my last post I am glad to say I have made full recovery. Ive put in a few trainer rides which have gone without a hitch.

There have been more exciting changes in my life though. I recently relocated (yet again) in Guelph for a temporary stay until I can find a decent apartment in the tri-cities area. My new room is a little more spacious and lends itself to some nice trainer sessions. Big open window, perfect acoustics for some rockin 'choons and a new 24" LCD monitor since my old one conked out.

The most exciting change has been that I have started a new job. I just got employed at Open Text in Waterloo. This is my first REAL job. My last 8 years have been spent spinning wrenches at bike shops, whipping up double doubles at Tim Hortons or aiding Bermuda with their internet and web hosting woes. My new job so far seems like it will be quite challenging as I test software in Oracle, SQL, Windows and Unix based servers/systems. Of course with greater responsibility comes greater pay. So for the first time in my life, I will be able to afford all the fancy bike toys I want. The trade off is that now im a desk jockey.

This is the view I come to every morning.

Ill spiffy this up once I get settled in. Maybe some race plates, motivational posters, synergistic punchlines..bla bla bla

Despite the view and quasi 'Initech' feel, I am very excited to work here. My managers are down to earth and cool to work with. Also, Open text is about a 1.5 hour commute from Guelph via bike.. which means....

Yup! Im gonna get a new road bike! which I will use to commute to work in the summer. Ill get my training done while commuting. Synergy at its best.

Until the weather improves, im a little skeptical as to how well and how much Ill be able to train. I came home today and had zero desire to hop on the trainer (i did anyways)After a long day + commute, I just want to eat dinner, and surf the web/ read/ watch movies. Granted, I was pretty exhausted after non-stop cramming of HR stuff and protocols and methods. Lets hope that after I get a handle on things, the days get easier and I have enough motivation to put in the big hours when I get home.

Regardless.. I think Im in for some interesting changes as I transition from lazy student in limbo, to 25 year old entry level, goal oriented, software developer.

Whether or not I made the right decision will also become apparent when the summer sun is beaming outside and Im cubicled up assigning port numbers while my friends are drinking beers on the patio. However, when I do have the opportunity to drink beer, it will no longer be cheap beer. Its Hoegaarden from now on.


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