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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr/Mrs 40-49 Master Expert Champion, I salute you.

If you read my last post I described the primary changes in my life. Now for the resulting secondary changes.


I dont have it.

My day is as follows. Up at 7, on the road at 7:45, arrive at work at 8:30. Work. Leave work at 5ish, home at 6. (5:45 if the geriatrics decide to stay in and not hum along at 50km/h in an 80km/h zone)

At home, im pretty mentally tired. Some HIMYM or Team Fortress 2 is usually what I want to do.

I dont want to hop on the trainer and ride for two hours. Why? because a 2hr ride takes from 6:30-8:30. Powertap DL + shower takes me to 9pm. Dinner takes me to 10. Then look at that! its almost bed time.

So far Ive been diligent with my training and have been putting in 1hr -2hr sessions almost every day. But with some dj gigs coming up, my evenings will be spent doing some mixing and track selection. The era of 3 hour weekday rides is over...

However.. a potential opportunity arose. I mentioned in my last post that I would consider commuting via bicycle in the summer. So this week I scoped out some routes.

This is what I found.
Taking the northern route ensures beautiful country roads, rolling valleys across the Grand River watershed and some very ample, Southern State'esque wide shoulders. The commute is about 40k which should take about an hour and half.

Look at these shoulders..and the river!

My biggest fear is the prevailing winds which come from the west- the direction i'd be going every morning. On the flipside, a tail wind in the evening means i'll be racing home at 40km/h.

My workplace has showers, which is a necessity if im going to be doing threshold intervals into work. Ill have to run an efficient operation with my bike gear + hygiene products + work clothing, but I think I can pull it off.

This will be my salvation for training next year. Under ideal circumstances, Id get 8 of these rides per work week (2 x per day, Friday is rest day) and I should reap the benefits. We'll have to see.. cause I do know that I wont be doing 3hr rides when I get back from work on the days that I drive.

The blog title. I have relatively no responsibility other than looking after my own needs. Working a full work week complete with commute, has given me newfound respect for the 4o year olds out there who juggle kids, mortgages, the ins and outs of family life, yet still destroy in their respective categories.

All that being said, there is one moniker that I do not want to ever be associated with me. This term is "Weekend Warrior"

Im hardcore every day.


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