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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I go for a ride in the snow and this is what happens..

Last Tuesday or Wednesday, I decided I would embrace winter and go for a ride outside. The snow was fluffy and falling gently, the temperature was a tolerable -1. So I figured I'd give it a shot.

I dug up my winter gear, the cycling gloves, the booties, the layers of technical fitted fabric and proceeded to get all set up. I decided to bring out the MTB since it hadnt been ridden in a couple months.. The tires had like 10 psi, the shocks were soft... the signs of neglect quite apparent. Not to mention the 5 lbs of mud caked on it..

I wont lie, it was kind of fun to ride around the empty snow covered streets, the 5cm of snow made for enough resistance to keep warm as well as provide a slick enough base so that I could practice my tokyo drift. Good times.

The ride was pretty uneventful, and comprised mostly of introspective contemplation about the meaning of life since I will be 25 this year which is a quarter way to my grave, or means I still have a whole 3/4 more.. depending on your outlook. The only incident worth mentioning was a pretty decent spill in front of people when I nailed a curb in a drift, pretending to be Ken Block.

Well after that I went home and went to bed.

The next day the wrath of the evil winter spirits laid waste to my health. The doc calls it influenza, but I know full well that its the wrath of winter spitting in my face after I extended the proverbial olive branch.

I generally get one or two bouts of sickness a year worthy of the flu title. However this was like no other. The first night I was shivering uncontrollably and sweating buckets. I called in sick the next day and was bed ridden with a killer headache, fever and more chills and shakes.. the next day I felt immensely better, and went to work.

T'was the eye of the storm.

That night I slipped off the edge into the sickly abyss once again. The fever burned on, and the chills were replaced with muscle and back pain that I have never felt before. The weekend was a waste case as i blew through buckleys like it was Gatorade, popped aspirin like chiclets and washed it down with literally liters of various soups, teas, broths, juices...

Tuesday was the first day I felt better, as in a matter of 12 hours the sickness faded.

Today I felt 90% better and managed to hop on the trainer for an easy 1 hour ride just to flush the system.

That was the most miserable 3 days ever.

Im pretty bummed that I missed a week of training especially since my body and strength had really been coming into form... but what can you do..


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