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Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the Season..

So its December, time to regain focus and start thinking about next year. If I want to race Pro/Elite next year, I should at least start riding again.

So I did.

Hopped on the trainer yesterday for an hour and a bit with the intent of doing some simple tempo intervals. Ive been meaning to do some baseline training before I started riding again, but never got around to it. This would end up biting me in the ass.

Using numbers from the summer, I warmed up, and hopped into my tempo wattages (220-230)...

Oops.. Not as easy as I remember it.

So it looks like today will be a base line testing day. Ill be after my 20 min power numbers so that I atleast know the correct wattages to push...

Ive been perusing Joe Friel's book again trying to figure out a way to script out a plan that really isnt a plan- if that makes any sense.

It wont be a day to day plan that is extremely structured. The only obligation I feel that I'll have to retain in order to stay in Pro/Elite is to put in lots of saddle time. If I can simplify my training plan and not sweat details it'll be one less thing to push me to burnout.

It'll be along the lines of this: (Percentage of workouts)

December- 60% Endurance, 40% Tempo
January - 30% Endurance, 70% Tempo
February- 10% Endurance, 30% Tempo, 60% Threshold
March- 10% Endurance, 20% Tempo, 50% Threshold, 20% Anaerobic Threshold
Race Season- 10% Endurance, 30% Tempo, 40% Threshold, 20% Anaerobic Threshold.

I feel that maintaining this breakdown should keep me fit through the race season. Fit enough to hold my own in Pro/Elite anyways..

This is the amount of structure I want for next year... nothing more. No peaking, build 1, build 2 bla bla bla.

I will leach off of Bayden and Anton's training by chasing them around. Let them do all the thinking and number crunching ;)


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