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Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh yeaaaah....I forgot I had this thing.- Part 2

So what does a month and half of absolutely no physical activity, doritos and beer do to you?

Here are my numbers from August, the last time I was training regularly, and mid Novemeber (Wednesday this week).

August Waking HR: 46bpm
November Waking HR: 57bpm

August Weight: 149lbs
November weight: 159lbs

August BF%: 12%
November BF: 15%

Giddy up!

My burnout phase is over. While Im not scripting out plans or writing out ambitious goals, (See last post) I'm slowly getting back into the healthy mindset. No massive hours on the bike, but usually an hour and half on the bike, some core and upper body stuff along with some boxing exercises.

I've been on the trainer twice this week... Dont give me its still warm enough to ride business.. I hate being cold on a bike, and I hate spending large amounts of time kitting up to that im not cold. So trainer it is.

To tell you the truth, the trainer does not bother me as much as it does for some people. Probably because Im usually prelistening to some of the tracks for my next gig, and I have a rockin sound system.

This winter is going to be an interesting one as I have shifted my focus on to what I should do in terms of a 'life path'. Fitting a healthy training lifestyle into it will be the biggest challenge.

Like Ive said before, I want to race Pro/Elite next year so I will have to maintain some semblance of a training schedule, but it will be far more of 'Ride hard, recover hard' approach instead of a regimented build 1, 2, peak type deal.

Skeptics will say that this is not the ideal way to get to your maximum potential. I however am not willing to commit the necessary time and structure to a pro training plan.

My thinking is this: If I can climb the Appleby Line (Rattlesnake Hill) 10 times in succession, I should be able to handle the pain that any pro race can hand out. If I can hold 310 watts for an hour (LT) then that power to weight should poise me well into the top 15 in elite. If I can go on a 3-4 hour epic ride with friends, that will take care of my endurance.

These goals are simple in principle, challenging in practice and productive in results. This was my mentality through Sport, into Expert, and into Pro/Elite.

I don't doubt there are reasons for following a coach recommended training plan complete with build cycles and peak cycles and this that and the other, but if im doing 40 hours a week, I dont want to think about that when I got for my rides. I just want to ride hard, and ride fast.

Thats all for now.


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