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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some wicked fun MTB'ing and a minor injury...

Last Friday I managed to get out for a ride with some friends to conquer some new trails in the Agreement Forest. Pace was slow, but the riding was technical. Our 2.5 hr ride took us around the southern part of the Agreement Forest, and into Hilton Falls.

I was feeling pretty good technically, what would have fazed me a couple years ago was now a non-issue. The trails were a barrage of rocks with little to no ascending and descending. Typical Hilton Falls. I had recently rebuilt my fork and shock, was giddy with excitement as the fresh, dialed suspension did a great job of soaking up the bumps.

All was perfect until i got a little ambitious and nailed a small boulder and went head over heels, only to land directly on my knee cap on solid rock


i havent felt pain like that in quite awhile.

After a quick breather i walked my bike for a bit and then finally hopped on.. as endorphins kicked in, the pain subsided.

For the remainder of the ride, i kept my pace down and made my way home.

The next day, there was some fierce bruising, which is saying alot since my complexion doesnt lend itself to visually bruising. I dont think its anything serious, but my knee does feel weak..

I went for a ride today only to have to turn in early due to knee pain. It looks as if Ill have to take it easy for the next little while as my knee heals up.

In other news, Cycling has fallen to 3rd on my priority list for the time being. I am currently fielding a job offer for a career type job that will require far more responsibility. With this responsibility comes a lack of free time, and less time on the bike. On the flip side, if I can land this, student debt will be a thing of the past. (Can you say 2011 XTR/ Crossmax SLR!?!?!?) 2nd on the list is my DJ'ing. I have been landing decent gigs left right and center. Im making the right connections, and pretty soon you might see me opening for some pretty big headliners if this works out.

Sometime in the near future I want to put together a season in review post.. its been an interesting season with some big challenges.



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