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Friday, October 8, 2010

Kick in the pants.

So I wasnt planning on riding yesterday.. didnt really feel like it. However, after work, I was walking by my neglected scale and decided to see whats up. I expected that would have picked up a couple pounds given the semi sedentary lifestyle ive embraced as of late. However, i didnt think it would manifest itself in the form of 8 extra pounds.

Whoops. All that left 4 dead playing had caught up to me.

So on a whim I decided I would join the hammerfest ride that was scheduled in 30mins. I figured if my knee gave problems at all, id just back off and spin home.

The first solid interval was brutal as muscle fibers, capillaries, and lung cells that had been dormant for the past month and half were conscripted into working at 110% Pain like never before ensued in my lungs and legs. For the first time in ages I felt 'unfit' my numbers reflected this as well. A brief skim of the ride data off my power tap showed some dismal numbers.

At my peak in the race season, my max figures for my 1 second CP was 1200 watts, I barely cracked 1000 yesterday. My 5 minute power what really hurt though. That top end is gone. Once upon a time hanging with Bayden and Mark was normal, (Although i dont think ive ever been them in a sprint) but not today. I was getting shelled when ever the power ramped up. My lungs and legs couldnt handle the pain!

If it were any other time, Id be worried. However its end of season, and I've reaped the consequences of taking too much time off the bike. Through the Summer I was averaging around 1000km per month. Last month I did maybe 60km.

I've decided not to do iceman as there is too little time to realize any significant gains in fitness and Ive got my mind in other places right now. My focus on racing changes day to day.. so I dont see any point in forcing it. I think it would be better to relax, and get mentally recharged before the base season in December kicks in. By then my mind should be refocussed and I can work on the big gains. Ive isolated a few key areas that I can easily improve on, and should result in me getting up to midfield elite.


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