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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wow its been busy...

The last two weeks have been busy. Really busy. Ive been taking care of a bunch of things for my parents, moving to downtown Guelph, cleaning my old house, driving friends around. That and your typical 40hr/wk job.

As such I haven't really done any proper high intensity riding in awhile...I feel lazy, and since I haven't been settled down to cook a proper meal, ive been living of off pizza.

Next week I want to get back into the habit of riding everyday...even if for a bit.. I want to keep myself primed for the squeezer. Last year I came into the race less than prime and managed 23rd.. I would like to be inside the top 15 this year.

To be honest my mind is off of racing right now. This is the time of season where I want to ride for fun. I've been very busy in my limited free time, compiling DJ sets and networking myself aggressively with the hopes of landing some decent gigs in Toronto. So far so good.

Since the squeezer is a short race, Ive put endurance training on the backburner. Rides from here on in are going to be sub 2hrs, and fast. I want to maintain my threshold power, and keep my racing weight.

I've had 9 days off the bike which has been dreadful.. but my life has stabilized for the next few weeks, so some hard miles shouldnt be a problem.

Ill try and post more often!


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