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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Ive been doing..

With race season more or less done, Ive been avoiding any sort of structure to my rides. Since the weekend Ive started riding every day again, simply because Ive started to put on weight again!

On Sunday I took a buddy out MTB'ing for the first time. We did about an hour and a half of some easy singletrack. He had some minor mishaps and a few tumbles, but otherwise loved it.

Monday I got out to Guelph Lake yet again for a solid personal hammerfest. It felt good to go hard again. IVe been slacking epically and it was comforting to feel my top end still being relatively decent. Im going to bring my camera next time i get out. Text posts suck.

Guelph lake, while extremely docile, is an amazingly fun trail system to hammer in your big ring. It's fast, and really allows you to push limits in the corners. After about an hour of hammering, I bumped into the University team doing an intro frosh ride. It really made me realize how much I miss being involved with the organizing and leading the university team. New faces, the diversity in abilities, different personalities always keep the team interesting.

I took yesterday off on account of feeling a little under the weather. Today I have a bunch of errands to take care of and doubt Ill be able to squeeze in a ride. Im hoping to get out to Twin Ponds or Guelph Lake tomorrow morning though for an hour or two of hammerfest.


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