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Friday, August 6, 2010

Weigh in...

So a month ago I set forth with the goal of dropping 8-10lbs in a month. Im carrying about 15-20 lbs of extra weight that I can afford to shed.

The method was to refrain from eating overly processed food, incorporating more vegetables, and some big miles.

Looking back at the month, you would think it was hardly a success, I definitely slipped up quite a few times. I drank beer, I ate super refined flour perogies, and I ate pancakes on occasion.

However, I did do the following things:

1- Alot more whole grains, 5/7 days of the week involved eating whole flake oatmeal for breakfast.

2- Alot more vegetables. Many of my dinners were some variety of spiced up vegetables.

3- Portioning. No eating until you're stuffed.

4- Lots of liquid. The more you drink the less you feel hungry.

5- Lots of riding. Ive taken it easy for the most part this week, but in previous weeks, ive been doing lots of tempo rides.

6- The Eclipse Music Festival. Only those who have been to something comparable can comprehend how much dancing (calories burned), hiking, swimming, probably not eating enough, occurs at these events. I lost 3lbs that weekend.. and im pretty sure that is wasnt water weight.

So 1 month ago (July 5th), I weighed in at 153lbs (all measurements taken in the morning as soon as I wake up) This morning I weighed in at 146lbs. Just shy of an 8lb weight loss.

Im pretty surprised at the result to be honest, ive definitely been far from perfect when it comes to eating.

So I did miss my goal of 8-10lbs, so Trev, if youve lost more than me, you win.

Overall my strength is good and I dont feel as if lve lost the wrong type of weight.

I still want to drop a few more pounds, so my goal is to shed 3-4 before September.


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