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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ontario Provincial MTB Championships

This weekend is the final race of the 2010 Ontario Cup series...this season flew by so quickly! In fact the trees have started to lose their green. The days are noticeably shorter, to the point where 8pm training rides are no longer an option.

This week has been brutal for training. On Monday I did a 2hr (or tried to do) LT interval session, but my body wasn't having it. I became super dizzy and my HR was through the roof when I was at 200 watts. I blame it on cumulative sleep deprivation.

Yesterday there was a time trial that I could have done, but instead focussed on whipping up a promo set for my DJ'ing Im in the process of trying to land a residency that would pay decent.. so i've been very involved with that.

Between now and Sunday, I HAVE to sleep in at some point. Otherwise im screwed. Im going to try and pawn off my Friday shift so I can sleep in past 7am for a change.

Friday, I have to ride down to my parents place in Mississauga, and then on Saturday I will head to Woodnewton to get a pre-ride in.

On race day the plan is just to hang on to the pack and hope for the best. Ive neglected the necessary training hours in the last few weeks, and I can feel it. Ill have to dig deep for this one, as I feel my mind is in other places right now.


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