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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have to start posting more..

Ok sorry for the delay in posts.. Heres a recap of the last two weeks.

So I was originally set to sell my bike, and had it posted on every classified site on the GTA. However, things have taken a turn fo the better, and I will be keeping my super bad ass 23.1 lb race whip. Phew!

Kelso is fast approaching, and Im pretty excited. While I dont have any pipe dreams of cracking the top 10, Ive always felt confident at Kelso. I learned how to MTB at Kelso. One of the first places I went to after I purchased my Trek 4300 ('01) with all the money i had saved up, was Kelso. I remember riding up from Oakville to get to Kelso (approx. 20k) with only a waterbottle with orange juice. Getting to Kelso, seeing the shitty hill I had to then walk up, and then riding until I couldnt anymore.. and then cruising home at post bonk speed.

I did my first OCup in 2002 finishing 10th/20 in beginner men. The next year I decided to up to Junior Sport and got my ass handed to me by Emily Batty in the Short Track event (she was racing with the older boys b/c she's that fast)

Not alot has changed since then, I still get my ass handed to me by Emily Batty.

Anyways, this race will be interesting. I know the course inside out, but its not much of an asset, as the big escarpment climb is a cut and dry fitness selection. Im also a little rusty with the racing. I havent raced in almost a month. As such I am a little concerned with my top end. I have focussed on Threshold and Tempo rides emphasizing alot of 'sweet spot' mtb riding and I feel that has helped my fluidity and overall efficiency in the trails.

I got out last week to kelso with some friends to iron out some hill climbs and give the course a good ride. I managed to squeeze in 10 escarpment climbs and felt pretty decent. I also tested out a relatively risky tire strategy. If it stays dry, I will be running Furious Fred's a 2.25 in front, and a 2.0 in the rear. These tires absolutely fly on hardpack.

After putting in some race pace distance, ive concluded that these are good tires to go for. I had a couple spills when trying to see how much I could get away with when cornering, but overall the acceleration on the flats out weighs the cornering weaknesses. I was so confident with the tires that I decided to fly down a descent known as 'ugly up' with a little too much speed. This resulted in me flying over the bars. Good times.

I was supposed to get out to Kelso yesterday for the tuesday night race, but backed out last minute.

I will be getting out today, hopefully getting in 4 laps, 3 at race pace and one for practicing lines.

Lastly, Tomorrow is my weigh in against Trev The goal was to drop 8lbs through the course of a month. I can definitely say that ive slipped up a few times, and have definitely gotten in a fair share of refined white flour (stupid perogies.. so cheap, and sooo good) I have been good with the junk food aspect though. At my last weigh in I had dropped 5lbs.. we'll see how I fare tomorrow morning...


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