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Friday, July 2, 2010

Too much time off the bike?

This week has been brutal for training. Ive logged in a measly 5 hours this week.

I did however put down 35 hours at work, as well get some fishing done....and I picked up Left 4 Dead 2

Regardless, Ive definitely fallen behind. Totally my fault.

With one week before buckwallow, and this weekend spent camping, it doesnt look like I will realize any gains in fitness for the next OCup... ah shit.

Next week was supposed to be a rest week, but I think I will just make my last week a rest week and make the upcoming week a hard one. I may be hurting more than I should be by the time race day at buckwallow rolls around but we'll see what happens.

For next week, this is what I've got planned.

Monday: 2.5hrs 6x6min LT intervals. 3min rest in between.
Tuesday: 2.5hrs Speed River Ride
Wednesday: easy 1.5 hour ride.
Thursday: 1.5 1hour time trial pace ride (clinical study ride)
Friday: off
Saturday: Buckwallow preride
Sunday: Buckwallow OCup!

This little hiatus a possibly a good thing. Summer flies by wayy to fast when you race every weekend.


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