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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shit, meet, fan.

No posts for a little while!

I've had my hands full.

Last week I got myself into my first car accident.

It was a minor fender bender on my car, but the little fiberglass civic I hit had its rear, left tail lights mashed in, as well as the trunk door.


The person was very easy to deal with and agreed not to go through insurance. He explained that he had been in a very similar fender bender only a couple months prior, and understood the hassle it was.

After getting a few quotes, the best I could find was 2695$ for the other guys repair. That would take it to 3000$ after tax and car rental. If you've noticed, my last few posts have been griping about how expensive MTB racing is. This was the last thing I needed.

With barely any cash in my savings, this meant that it is time to liquidate some assets. I may be selling my MTB to free up some cash. Ill probably borrow a bike for the last two o-cups if it comes down to this.

Its been epic stressful since the accident, as Ive been fielding phone calls from mechanics/insurance/bankers/credit card companies. Its definitely taking a toll on the amount of sleep im getting.

So far this week since Sunday and including todays ride, Ive done 8 hours of riding.. decent enough, but yesterdays ride hinted at the lack of sleep. I felt that burn and lack of spring in my legs while doing an MTB interval workout. Looking back, Ive been going to bed at 1am, and getting up at 6:45 every day this week. Gotta get to bed earlier. Ive been trying to squeeze in naps after work before riding, but most times its hard to get anything more than a light snooze. Sometimes I do miss working at the bike shop, if only because I get to sleep in and stay up late.

Ive got a VO2 max interval workout scheduled for today, and then tomorrow morning Ill be doing a tempo ride. Then im gone for 4 days to the Eclipse Festival in Quebec. Im a little worried about missing four days on the bike, but I figure Ill probably lose 1-2 lbs while im out there since it is outdoors and ill be active alll day and alll night.

Next week will be a difficult week as it is the 3rd week of build before i tone it down before Kelso which I hope to race.


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