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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My own little Buckwallow..

I didn't race last weekend.

Despite being super excited about racing Buckwallow, I was unable to make it. I got broadsided by a whole ton of living and loan payment expenses. As such, I would not be able to afford to race on the weekend. For next year, I may consider looking for a team that subsidizes race fees. This sport is wicked expensive.

I sat around and moped on Saturday, and ended up doing an easy ride plus some core stuff. On Sunday I managed to get out and ride some stuff that was right in my backyard that I have neglected for the past decade. The Agreement forest as its called, is located near Hilton Falls and has some terrific riding. Very different from anything else around here. Its sort of like buckwallow, but much more technical. There are more crags, more baby head rocks, and plenty of wet roots. I ended up doing about 2.5 hours there. If you want to improve your tech skills, ride here. If you like fast flowy, stay away.

With four weeks to go until Kelso, I really want to turn up the heat on my training. The focus will be LT work. Kelso is a roadie course, its got non techy threshold climbs, and long flats where you can hammer.

I am also having a bit of a competition with fellow racer Trev to drop some weight. The goal is to drop 8-10 lbs by August 5th. For me this will require an ungodly amount of self control. My list of food weaknesses is endless. The flip side is if I can execute it properly, my power:weight numbers will improve handsomely. With two OCups to go, there is alot I have to accomplish. 12% of the winners time seems to be pretty far out of my grasp right now, but stranger things have happened.


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