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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MTB Finally Fixed!!

After not riding a mountain bike for close to two weeks, I will be making my return to MTB riding.

After the Lake to Lake my BB, front wheel bearings and rear bearings were on their last legs. I dont know what that mud is made of, but it wreaked havoc on everything on my bike. Its probably a concoction of cement base and industrial solvent; reminance from the Welland canal construction.

In retrospect, I dont think I would do that race again on my primary race bike. If this years 'good' conditions destroyed my bike, I cant imagine what a bad year is like.

The bearing replacement should have been straightforward, but it appears that WTB laserdisc lites dont use your standard 6xxx bearing. They use some weird 1506 bearing that no bearing supplier in the tri cities stock. So I had to order them online through Real World Cycling Shipping is prompt and ive always had good luck ordering seals and bearings from them.

Anyways, my bearings came in Monday and I managed to get them pressed in and all setup that day. Wow, new bearings breath new life into a bike. I took it out for a spin on my ride to work today and you can really notice the difference. Maybe thats why I didnt win the first few OCups? =)

I still have to replace my chain and cassette...but the financial situation says no. While I can get away riding the current chain and cassette, its definitely on its last legs.


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