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Monday, July 5, 2010

Goals for July

After a weekend of nothing but beer, sausages and dorito's I have decided that I will once again hop on to the 'healthy living' train. Since my weight loss spell early in the year, I have slipped back into the rut of refined foods, sugar coated delicacies, and HFCS.

I haven't gained any weight, likely due to it being the midst of race season. I havent lost any either though. Im sitting at about 14% body fat which is probably a bit more than I should have. If you look at the best cyclists in the world, they are all below 7% body fat.

This leads into my goal for July.

Drop 8lbs. This would take me to 145lbs.

If I can get back to adhering to strict diet and doing the busy 15hr weeks I have planned, theres no reason I cant drop the weight.


Weigh in July 5th: 153lbs.

Weight for August 5th: 145lbs.


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