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Saturday, June 19, 2010

VO2 Max Test Results/ Lake to Lake

On Thursday I did a a VO2 max test, as part of a voluntary study at the UofG. The study itself requires me to ride 1 hour at tempo in various temperatures on 6 different occasions. The perks? Free VO2 test and sweat test.

The test started off in typical fashion. Weigh in. (69kg) Some warm up time, and then a ramp test where the wattage is increased until you cannot push anymore. This is happening all while you have some apparatus attached to your mouth, with two air tubes connected to it to measure your oxygen consumption, and CO2 production. Its very uncomfortable, and not for the claustrophobic.

After a brutally painful 14 minutes, I got my results. VO2 max of 73.3.

I think this is a good indication of the difference between being at your 'Peak' and being at the end of your base period.

In March, I weighed in at 164lbs, and scored a VO2 of 65.
In June, I weighed in at 152lbs, and scored a VO2 of 73.

In other news, tomorrow is the Lake to Lake. Im pretty excited to race this classic Ontario race. Im also a little nervous. A quick glance at the pre-reg list shows some pretty quick names. Id vouch Souter is the favorite to win, but I can see the likelyhood of a pace train forming behind him. Maybe if we draft well enough we can overcome the ability margin. I hope to be in that train. I think that if I can pull off a well executed race, a podium is within grasp.

In terms of bike setup, it seems that hardtail is 100% the way to go. Unfortunately, I only have my FS. Fortunately it's competitively light.

The tough decision is tire choice. Theres enough road on the course that a semi-slick would seem like the logical option. However, past racers are saying that you want to some some center knob since there are some greasy sections.

Im likely going to opt with my trusty Michelin Comp S tires. Probably my favorite tire ever. Too bad they discontinued them. They're light at 470g, and very fast rolling. Not the grippiest, but still have enough knob for adequate hook up in all but the worst conditions

We'll see what happens.


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