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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updated CP, VO2 max testing and the Lake to Lake

Good numbers.

Last night I did some CP benchmarking on a few areas that I have been lacking in this year. Sprint power, 1 minute critical power, and 5 minute critical power. I just finished a build cycle that involved work in these areas, particularly the 1 and 5 minute regions.

As of early May, my cp 1' was about 465 watts. After 5-6 weeks of 3-4 cp1 drills per week, my cp 1' had improved significantly to around 544 watts, which is closer to where it should be at my level of racing. My CP5 had also increased. In early May it sat around 300watts, yesterday it was closer to about 335watts. Lastly my sprint. If I decide to focus more on road, this is definitely a limiter Ill have to work on. In early May my max sprint was about 1050 watts, a couple days ago I hit 1157. A decent improvement, but still nothing spectacular.

In retrospect, these are areas that I should have focussed on much earlier in the year. It would have been beneficial to have that extra horsepower tucked away in some of my races.

VO2 Max.

I recently signed up to participate in a study that will analyze the effect of cooling on cardiovascular performance. It will involve 6-8 trials involving 1hour tempo rides. One of the bonuses are that Ill get a comprehensive VO2 max test and sweat test! For the VO2 test, Im curious to see of the numbers have changed since my last test. In my last test I was 164lbs, and scored a VO2max of 65. I also hadn't touched any high intensity training. Three months later, Im 155lbs and I have logged in hours of anaerobic exercise.

For the sweat test, I will get some vital information on the composition and quantity of salt I lose while sweating. As someone who is plagued by cramps, this will be very informative for my nutrition strategy.

Lake to Lake.

I just signed up for the Lake to Lake 50k Classic, It will be my first time racing this event.

Based on past results, some pretty quick riders usually make it out. The top 5-10 are all either Elite or top Expert riders. Having not ridden the course, and not knowing what to expect it's tough to mark out any sort of strategy. However, the plan is to latch on to DeCal's wheel, who will invariably be latched on to Souters wheel, and then see what happens. Drafting will be very key, as will hydration and nutrition. You don't want to find yourself at at the 1hr30mark running on empty.

Its been a tough season. I could use a confidence booster. If I can do top 5 in this event ill be happy. If I can do top 3, ill be ecstatic.

Wish me luck.


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