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Friday, May 7, 2010

Weight update.

Thanks for calling me out on this Bayden!

Its been awhile since Ive posted a weight update. My goal was to get down to 145lbs by mid-May. It doesnt look like I will hit this goal. Or at least, given the circumstances, I dont think it would be wise to strive towards it.

Im currently 153-155lbs depending on water consumption, sodium intake, bowel movement etc... I hit a plateau at this weight. As I introduced high intensity workouts, I felt as if I wasn't getting enough nutrition. I felt weak, didnt recover as quickly, and overall felt a general malaise. As such, I ditched my caloric deficit goals, and just focused on training hard, and recovering well. I have since felt better, and have noticed an improvement in my overall fitness. With the next month containing three big races and an ungodly amount of LT and VO2 work, I do not want to compromise my intake. I am still donut free, and I have only had 4 beers in the last month and a half.

That being said, despite not losing much weight in the last month, I have decreased my body fat percentage. I was sitting at around 17% in the winter, 16% as of April 1st (close to my last weight check in) and as of last week I was at 14% body fat.

In terms of weight loss, I think the best approach from here, is just to adhere to a strict diet free of high GI foods and hope the big miles and racing slowly melts it off. I am still 7-8 lbs off my goal, but taxing my body with rapid weight loss during race season could be detrimental.


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