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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Training Update and Tremblant!

Since the Albion Ocup, almost two weeks ago, my training schedule has been pretty eclectic. What was originally supposed to be another cookie cutter interval week, was scrapped and replaced with a rest week. What was originally supposed to be a rest week, became Tempo and Endurance.

The reason for the change, was due to the constant feeling that my legs are sore in conjunction with a general tiredness. In order to reduce undue strain, i am going to back off the anaerobic high wattage stuff for a little while.

The last 5 days were as follows:

Friday: 2hr brisk pace MTB ride. (Felt OK 7/10)
Saturday: 3hr ride with some LT intervals. (A little sore from the day before, 6/10)
Sunday: off
Monday: 3hr MTB tempo ride, focusing on smooth singletrack technique. Felt good (8/10)
Tuesday: 1 hour recovery spin staying below 250 watts (Felt dreadful for some reason 3/10)
Today: 2hr ride with some LT work (May scrap this, as my legs felt sore on the commute to work)

With this general soreness in my legs and the sporadic feelings of weakness, I am once again concerned with how my body is feeling. I havent received the results of my blood test yet so I cant determine if its anything other than perhaps overtraining. We'll have to see. Either way after this weekend, I may have to call an audible, and take a short hiatus from training and racing.

This weekend.

This weekend is Canada Cup #2 at Mont Tremblant! I have never ridden or raced there, so it should be an awesome experience. Of course, being the biggest underdog in a national level Pro/Elite field, plus feeling hit or miss on any given day does not do much for confidence. Then again, with the mentality that ive got nothing to lose makes me feel pretty relaxed. As per always, the goal is to latch onto a pace guy and hope my body doesn't go all wonky on me.

The plan is to leave from work tomorrow, drive all day, arrive at Mont Tremblant where we will be staying at a condo with a bunch of other Ontario racers. Friday will be preride day, Saturday is race day. Saturday night is party time.

Ill have my netbook and camera with me this weekend, so Ill post some media friendly posts later on. Reading text sucks.


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