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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time for some REAL intensity

For the last month its been alot of threshold type stuff. In laymans terms, the type of workouts where you're pushing hard, breathing hard, but still 'easy' enough that a 7-10 minute duration is attainable. Ive started to notice improvements, either from reclaimed muscle memory, or hopefully some net improvement overall.

However, with MY race season starting this weekend, It's time to bring in the balls to the wall race efforts.

Today's workout was to consist of 6-8 VO2 max intervals. This was the workout as prescribed by the Peak Center.

10 min warm up <150 watts
2.5 min @ 300 watts+
5 min @ <200 watts
2.5 min @ 300 watts+

The coach specified that at the end of the workout, i should be ready to puke and be completely spent. If the efforts become 'tolerable' ramp up the wattage.

This was my first time doing this particular interval workout, so I started with a target of 315 watts. After the first interval, I was tired, but I had more in the gas tank.

So I upped the target to 350 watts.

(Let me also say, that I feel that 4 weeks ago, 315 watts would have had me puking no problem)

The target intervals were much more difficult now. At the end of the interval I was gasping for breath, and my legs were super sore.

I managed to squeeze in a total of 6 intervals before my wattages began to struggle immensely.

Using Trainingpeaks, these are the interval wattage averages I got. (Bike on Fluid 2 trainer cause it was raining today)

Interval 1: 301 watts
Interval 2: 339
Interval 3: 344
Interval 4: 341
Interval 5: 339
Interval 6: 309

By interval 6 I was struggling brutally. More weakness has revealed itself!

Im gonna have to put some more time into these interval workouts.

These type of efforts are what win sprints, bridge gaps, make gaps, climb rooty hills, cut through headwinds etc.

So far my 2 hard days followed by one rest day has been working well for me. I dont feel tired after the rest day, and I feel as if I am gradually improving. Tomorrow I may try and do the same workout again. I will then rest until race day on Sunday.

The race on Sunday is a 50k MTB race that should be a blast. I dont really have any finishing position expectations, but if a few of the Pro/Elite boys show up, I have an idea on where I want to finish relative to them.


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