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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Perhaps some of my top end power is coming back

The plan for today was more top end work. Intervals, intervals intervals.

As per usual, the route consisted of my commute from Oakville to Guelph. The weather was gorgeous and warm.

After a rest day on wednesday, I felt terrific. The best ive felt so far this year. My wattage numbers were where I wanted them to be. The 280watt LT intervals were starting to feel easy. The ascent up rattlesnake point was tolerable. Only 4-5 days ago, I felt as if I was going to die. During my last ascent on Monday, I started at close to 400 watts, and then petered out to a miserable 200watts.

Whether it be a rested body, or perhaps regaining tolerance to the hard efforts, my wattage up the climb reflected noticeable improvement.

At the top of the climb, my HR and body in general responded very quickly, and I was ready for more intensity. I havent felt this 'fit' since last year.

The remainder of the ride was LT intervals, and short bursts across the rollers on Watson rd.

Tomorrow, I will be riding down to check out the Good Friday Road Race and then riding home to Oakville. It'll likely be a 100k day. I'll be cheering on friends in all categories, as well as facing a rash of shit for not racing. Should be a good time.


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