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Monday, April 5, 2010

MTB season is hurrr.

For the first time this season I hopped on the mountain bike. Sunday was beautiful and 24 degrees, so I ventured out to Kelso/Glen Eden on its opening weekend. After arriving at the parking lot and seeing it packed with families and their rugrats, I was skeptical as to whether Id be able to rip on the trails for fear of catching one of those kids on my spokes. God forbid one of those gremlins damaged my wheel.

Turns out all the families stayed closer to the lake and away from the trails. So I dropped some gears and put down the hammer. I managed to do 6 laps of last years Ontario Cup provincials course.. 4 of them at a brisk pace. I felt great on the main climb. There was still remnant snow across the ski hill which meant I had to climb the steep bank to the left, paperboy style.

Today I managed to get out to Twin Ponds, a trail system near Guelph. I went with a buddy from University who has a few years experience racing Elite. The pace was brisk and we spent two hours or so in the more technical side of the trail system. I felt great. I was clearing the tech sections with much more ease than ever before.

I would attest this to two main factors:

1- I am 10lbs lighter than last year.
2- I spent all winter doing core exercises.

In sections where historically I'd stall for a bit and lack the 'umph' to clear the rock or root, I was able to power through. While I still lack the sustained power for big hills, everything else seems to be falling into place.

Overall I'd say I feel that my fitness is at roughly my peak fitness last year. This is a great position to be in.

Tomorrow is a rest day since im coming off two hard days. On Wednesday I would like to make it out to Appleby Line and iron out 5 hill climbs. Thursday will be a pre-ride of the Tour de Bronte course with Jeff and Anton.


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