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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of MTB action and some intervals.

This week has been pretty busy so far. I spent Monday in Guelph riding some Epic singletrack at Twin Ponds, which I consider to be some of the best riding area in Southern Ontario. Rocky, rooty, up, down, loose, hardpack...its got it all. Pace was pretty chilled out on account of the previous day's race.

I also partook in an intense stretching session with a friend after finding out a week ago that my hamstrings are beyond tight and may be a 'weakness' i should fix. The diagnosis was done by the highly qualified Steve Neal I have never been coached before, but after briefly talking to Steve, I have come to realize there is plenty to gain from having the structure and experience that only a coach can provide. But alas im poor, and I have also come to appreciate the benefits of frugality and just doing intervals until I win a race.

Speaking of intervals, today was more intervals since yesterday was a rest day. I once again did the 2.5min, 5min rest intervals which looked something like this.

Once again, my wattages tapered aggressively at the end.

Interval 1 - 338watts
Interval 2 - 335w
Interval 3 - 318w (Tried a harder gear, lower cadence here)
Interval 4 - 328w
Interval 5 - 307w (Exhaustion kicking in)
Interval 6 - 296w

Tomorrow, I have to go up to Guelph to build some bikes for some friends and dont know if Ill be able to squeeze in a workout.

Friday will be another interval workout, Saturday a rest day..maybe with a short ride.

Then Sunday PARIS TO ANCASTER! My first time doing this Ontario classic. I will hopefully be in the first start wave by virtue of my license. Based on past results, I have an idea as to where I want to finish..but speculation on a race Ive never done is somewhat silly. The goal is to latch on to a pace guy I know, and see what happens.


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