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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A few little changes in store...

I just started new job this week doing I.T. support. Its a desk job. My first ever desk job. The pay is decent, the job not overly demanding and the hours are good.

The hours.

Im up at 7am. and I work til 4pm. I have not had to get up this early on a regular basis since I worked at Tim Hortons in high school. After my initial training, Ill be starting work at 7:30 , which means getting up at 6:30.

This being my 3rd day on the job, ive never felt so tired. My body is slowly adapting to the sleep schedule.. but I still cant fall asleep until 1am. Im hoping ill be fully adapted by next week.

For training, I took Monday off. Yesterday was some VO2 max intervals. Today will be a trail ride at twin ponds. Im gonna do some threshold work on the way to the trail.

As mentioned in my last post. I got shelled at Mansfield. If you look at the results You can see the differences between the top 20 or so and the rest. The top 20 are consistent, with the last lap being only 2 mins slower than the first lap. At my end of the field, you see anywhere from 4-5 minutes of slowing down.

My goal of getting within 12% of the winners time is a steep one. If you look at th 88th percentile in the upgrade points column, there are some fast guys there.

I don't doubt my knowledge or training regiment as a means to getting there. However, for the first time ever, I am doubting my mental integrity to get there.

Looking back at Mansfield. I stopped because I cramped up fiercely. I didnt forsee another lap coming out of my legs. So I didnt even bother trying. For someone who preaches the merits of 'No Excuses' I fell victim to my own excuse and DNF'd. Looking at the results, if I had put a 28 minute lap time, which would have been dreadfully slow for elite, I would still have finished 2nd last. Not last.


The dousing of humility that comes with a DNF has given me enough to think about.

No way am I gonna let this happen to me ever again. Racing Pro/Elite is about having a professional attitude with training and racing as much as it does with having a VO2 max of 75 and a threshold at 350 watts.

Come on Aaron, you pansy. Toughen up.


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