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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Workout Schedule Update

As mentioned earlier, my testing results revealed I need to work on my top end power. My anaerobic threshold sits at 280watts, and should be closer to 300watts if I want to be able to hold my own in Pro.

As such, Ive been forced to revamp my training plan to emphasize more high intensity workouts.

I am on the bike 6 days a week, and I do 4 days with high intensity anaerobic threshold activity. The remaining two days are reserved for recovery rides.

Having done three AT workouts, I can say they are extremely difficult. They simulate that 'pushing to your limit' feeling you get near the end of a race. A typical interval would be 10mins at 285watts, followed by 265watts for 10minutes. Towards the end of the 285w interval, your legs are really feeling the burn, and when the 265w interval kicks in, its hardly a relief, as you're still working relatively hard, and it takes awhile for your legs to clear the burning feeling. Having spoke to a couple coaches, it is reasonable to assume that I will hit my target 300w AT since quick gains are initially expected.

From here on in, the workouts are gonna be painful, limit pushing workouts like this one. The plan is to keep up with the AT workouts for the next few weeks, and then come April, start to incorporate some super high intensity sprint like workouts.

The first race of the season is less than a month away, so its time to dig deep and reclaim my race shape.

Next post will be full of projected race analysis!


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