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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weight Check-In

So as to add accountability to my goals, I have decided to post a weekly update pertaining to them.

My main goal was to lose 10-15lbs before race season. This goal is likely to deliver the most noticeable results.

At official weigh in on February 8th, I was 162lbs.

Today I stepped on the scale at 157.5lbs


For most of the race season last year, I was around 157lbs, so from here on in, any weight loss is an improvement.

Its been tough. Last weekend I had some friends over, and while they were indulging in some glorious pizza and beer, I was munching on dried cranberries.

Also typically I eat right before bed. Generally its good food.. whole grains etc, but its very carbohydrate laden. Eating right before bed is a big no- no in any weight loss plan. So I've made it a conscious goal to refrain from eating 3hrs before bed. If I do eat, it has to be green veggies; low cal, low GI.

This was my 'snack' today, while my roommate Jon was eating home made cookies. Son of a b#$ch.

If all goes well, Ill be tipping the scales at 155ish next week.


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