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Monday, March 8, 2010

Weight Check In March 9th

Time for my weekly weight check up....

The weight is...

154.5lbs !

Only 10 lbs away from my goal. 7.5 lbs dropped so far. 3lb this week.

The weight loss this week is an interesting one. Like Ive said in earlier posts, this week has been a build week. Its been high intensity, high wattage and overall pretty ass kicking. As such, I have only carried a small relatively insignificant calorie deficit this week. Its much better to have a nourished 160lb body than a malnourished 150lb body.

When you are doing hard training or building, it is vitally important to make sure your body is getting enough nutrition. A build cycle is all about tearing your muscle fibers and rebuilding them to be stronger and more efficient. In order to rebuild muscle, your body MUST have adequate protein intake. Compromising protein intake when training is very detrimental to development and only leads to fatigue and injury. Other nutrients must not be disregarded either, as your immune system and the various bodily enzymes become heavily exhausted after a strenuous workout.

As a result of the heavy training this week I have been carrying a small insignificant calorie deficit so as to ensure all my body needs are met. This does not mean I have been eating unhealthy, but rather I have been eating larger portions of the right foods. A couple more eggs in the morning, a little more rice in the evening, a few more veggies during the day.

Despite all this I have still lost three pounds. I can likely attest this to my body changing its composition due to its new low glycemic index diet. Slow burn calories, and far more veggies has allowed my body to stop storing fat and to 'optimize' itself for the new diet. Its really an interesting phenomenon to witness first hand.

Today is a rest day, so I think I may spin for an hour or do some core stuff. Tomorrow is supposed to be super nice, but im stuck at the shop installing kickstands and pro tuning supercycles. Maybe ill do the crazy thing and get up early and ride.


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