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Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer is around the corner.

The weather has a made a turn for the better! With temperatures expected to hit close to the mid 20's later this week, this makes for an excellent opportunity to get in some solid rides.

My ride today consisted of high intensity work on Rattlesnake and 6th line. I need a ton of work on my top end. As it stands, I am nowhere near to being competitive in Pro-Elite. The aerobic base is good, the LT is decent enough, but the moment I have to sustain anything higher than my LT, I blow up.

On Rattlesnake today, I would start the climbs holding 400-450 watts, which was still a brutally slow 10km/h and would very soon blow up and hit survival mode, and bring it down to a a measly 250 watts, which is about as low as I can go without tipping over.

6th line was more of the same.

This here is the main reason why I wont be doing the Good Friday Road Race. I dont need to pay 50$ to find out im a master at base training.

MY race season starts a week later with the Tour de Bronte. Hopefully by then my body, even if it hasn't improved with the high intensity stuff, will at least be used to the harder efforts.


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