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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yesterday's commute was a brutal affair. The temperature was around 2-3 degrees, which in itself isn't too bad if you dress properly. However, about 20 minutes into the ride, it began to pour.

I had to make it to work for 11:30, so there was no chance of turning back. So I soldiered on. Humming along Tremaine at around 40km/h with a slight tailwind, it felt as if i had a high pressure hose of ice water being sprayed on me.

My fingers and toes were soaked and had long since gone numb, and my core was freezing.

I made it to work and spent the rest of the day warming up.

However, this morning I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me. Sinus congestion, fever, brutal headache. I looks like the last few days combined with the hypothermic ride of yesterday made for the perfect storm.

Im gonna rest up today with the hopes of getting back on the bike for the weekend.


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