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Monday, March 22, 2010

Intervals in the rain/ Weigh in March 22

I decided to head out with my buddy Anton for his interval workout today. I figured I'd tag along and see how my legs felt before doing anything too difficult. The weather started off as cool and windy, and then further devolved into cool, windy and rainy. My legs felt good, so I managed to squeeze in 3 solid 10minute anaerobic intervals before my legs conked out. The ride ended up being about an hour and a half. I probably could have gone longer if I hadn't been soaked to the bone.

I've got a commute to Oakville tomorrow morning for work where I'm hoping for a tailwind and no rain. Depending on how I feel I may do the hilly route to get my legs used to the workload since Im clearly deficient in that area.

Then on wednesday I've got a rest day where Ill just use the commute from my parents place as my workout. (30km, flat, easy zone 1)

Today's weigh in (always right when I wake up, before breakfast) was 151 lbs. Although I suspect I was a little dehydrated from the previous day's ride.


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