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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few changes in store..

After wrenching at Braun's is Bicycles for the last year, I am going back to the shop where I started my illustriously modest hourly wage career 8 years ago. Cyclepath Oakville happens to be my main racing sponsor, having allowed me to rack up hugely discounted purchases on my tab without giving me grief. Great shop.

As the name would suggest, Cyclepath is in Oakville, which is 65 km from my current home town of Guelph. I also don't own a car. (see: hourly wage career + university) This means that weather permitting, I will be doing up to 130km of commuting per day. The route has 3-4 options varying in difficulty. The easiest option is perfect for endurance base training, the hardest option includes some fierce climbs with up to 12% grades. On days where the weather is poor, I will default to my parents place which is a much more tolerable 15km away from the shop.

The weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm this week, so it should make for a good commute. Its about time. Im sick of the trainer.


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