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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Detailed Results: Metabolic Test

Today was my detailed consultation pertaining to the blood lactate/VO2 max test I got last weekend.

The results were overall pretty encouraging.

The consultation was about 45minutes, and we went through virtually all aspects of my performance. Despite the fact that I consider myself very well read on metabolic processes and physiology (I studied molecular biology and genetics in Uni) there was alot that I learned about myself that I could not decipher from the raw data.

1. I have a very good aerobic base. This is great news to hear since I have made it a conscious goal to actually do some proper base training this year. It is also a great position to be in at this time of the year when you should be entering your first build cycle. My wattage threshold for aerobic training was 220watts.

2. My Anaerobic threshold needs some work. While I am using my lung capacity much more effectively than the past, I am not generating the proportionate amount of power. My anaerobic threshold wattage was 280 watts.

3. My VO2 max has alot of untapped potential. The coach said my top end was my weak spot, which is normal for this time of year. She also said that based on the numbers, and based on me hitting my target weight goal, there is no reason I can't get my VO2 max into the high 70's. Given that the last time I did intensity was at the Iceman Cometh in November, having a VO2 of 65 is solid.

Having laid out these specifics, she then went on to prescribe specific workouts taking into account that I plan on riding 15-18hours per week.

Anaerobic threshold training:

10min warm up @ 200w
10min hi zone 3 @ 280w
10min lo zone 3 @ 260w
10min hi zone 3 @ 280w
10min cool down @ <200 w

VO2 max Training

10min warm up @ 200w
2min zone 5 @ 300+ w
4-6 min recovery @ <200w
2min zone 5 @ 300+ w
10min cool down @ <200w

Here I'll be doing 6-10 intervals. At the end of the 2 minutes, i should be crying in pain. This will improve my top end power, and efficiency while benefiting my AT by recruiting more fast twitch muscle fibers.

This should keep me busy for the next couple of months. I will devise a training schedule tonight encompassing these two workouts and will post about it tomorrow.


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