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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back on the Bike/ Planned Training

After fighting off a pretty intense cold the last few days, I plan on getting back into the high intensity stuff this upcoming week.

The remainder of my powertap stuff comes in tomorrow, so ill probably take my day off and use it to get my bike all geeked out.

Since the weather is supposed to be very rainy, I'll likely end up doing some core and calisthenic based workouts. This year Ive made a conscious goal to try and cover all the easily overlooked aspects of cycling specific training. This includes flexibility, stretching, core and back based workouts.

I feel that I have fallen behind in my training due to being in transition between two places, as well as the onset of the flu. As such, I will not be racing the Good Friday Road Race, since I dont need to spend 50$ to find out that my sprinting ability is dusty and top end nonexistant.

For this week, the focus will once again be intensity and intervals.

Monday: I will be riding up to Guelph. I plan on doing the Rattlesnake Hill 3 times, followed by the 6th line climb 5 times. These intervals will be full out VO2max/power.

Tuesday: I will do my 65k commute at an aerobic pace. More or less recovery pace, focus will be on spinning higher cadences.

Wednesday: Ride to Guelph, Once again, Rattlesnake x 3, 6th line x5.

Thursday: Commute to Oakville, aerobic, focus on spinning technique.

Friday: Ride out to Good Friday Road Race, provide tech support, chat with old friends, feel left out from racing scene. I plan on doing LT intervals on my way there since the route sits south of the escarpment, and stays predominantly flat.

Saturday: Work/Day off

Sunday: Commute to Guelph, Rattlesnake/6th line repeats if my legs permit.


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